Top 5 Luxury Watches for Christmas 2020 (Seiko Excelsior)

While Switzerland is well known for their watchmaking skills, they aren’t the only high end watchmaking country. Surprisingly, Japan is also known for excelling in this field, and one of their best luxury watch brands is Seiko.

Seiko has quite the pedigree in watchmaking. They introduced the first full production quartz movement watch, which is what so many watches today run off of. They’ve been making watches for over 100 years, and have specialized in things such as micro-gears and motors that all are made at Seiko specifically.

Other watch companies may source parts from less reputable companies before adding them into their watches, but Seiko watches are entirely made by them. The Seiko men’s Excelsior is a great watch for daily and formal wear, and has many interesting features that you might not typically find on other luxury watches.

It uses a gunmetal and silver tone design with a black colored face, which means it pairs well with just about anything. One of the first things you’ll note is the sub-dials. While some watches favor a more minimalist design, Seiko gives you more information than other watches with its multiple sub-dials that are cleanly worked into the watch face.

The top sub-dial is like a stopwatch of sorts. It goes up to 60 minutes, and after that, it stops automatically. This is helpful for keeping track of general time. Say you know that you need to leave in 20 minutes, but you don’t know exactly what time that would be.

All you have to do is set your stopwatch going, and when you see it approach the 20 minute mark, you know it’s time to leave. The other sub-dials aren’t as interesting, but they still serve a good function.

The one of the left hand side is a second counter for precise counting, and the bottom sub-dial is an alarm setter. On the right, there isn’t a sub-dial, but there is a date counter so that you’ll always know that day’s date.

The Seiko Excelsior watch interestingly is powered by two sources. First, it uses your kinetic motion to power the watch, which is actually another feature that they invented. However, there’s a secondary option as well.

This watch can actually run off of solar power, surprisingly. So as long as you’re getting some sun and moving around regularly, this watch will be powered for quite a long time.

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