Classic Christmas Songs From Your Childhood

Remember back to your Christmases of yesterday when you were a child? How excited you were as you counted down the days until Santa arrived? You probably remember the sights of the twinkling lights, the wonderful scents as the food cooked, the merry sound of laughter as family celebrated together and the classic Christmas songs that created a soothing and cozy holiday environment.

Hearing those old tunes from days gone by can sure trigger a trip down memory lane. Today, children all over the world love those same tunes and as the years pass, those memories will be shared with a new generation of children.

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” was (and is still) one of the top favorites. Remember how happy you were when Rudolph triumphed and ending up helping Santa Clause guide the sleigh safely through the night thanks to that bright, glowing nose? That song is much loved by children everywhere thanks to the story told in the lyrics.

And how about “Frosty the Snowman?” As kids, we all imagined dancing with Frosty in the street and singing happily about having fun like he suggested. It was more than just a song back then – in our childish imaginations, Frosty was real and we all delighted in hearing a song about him or watched him on television.

How many of us were good little boys and girls because we’d heard what was said in “Santa Claus is Coming to Town?” We knew he had that list and he was checking to see what kind of children we’d been all year – naughty or nice.

The catchy tune of “Jingle Bells” is a song that we used to listen to and as kids we would shake the little jingle bells. You could almost see the sleigh, feel the impatience of the horse stomping the snow packed ground and feel the bite of the winter air against the tip of your nose.

And who could forget when the Chipmunks sang their “Christmas Don’t Be Late” song? As kids, we could identify with being good – but knowing it wouldn’t last just like we could identify with the “Let It Snow” song as we stood at the window in childlike wonder as the fat flakes of snow turned our ordinary world in a magical one.

One of the slower, but still loved classics from childhood was “The Little Drummer Boy” – how all those songs take us back! Those classic Christmas songs we knew and loved played an important role in shaping our memories of this cherished holiday. Be sure to sing some of the lyrics to those much loved songs with your children and grandchildren and share those precious holiday memories. Ads

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