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Four Great Ways to Stay in Shape During the Christmas Season

It’s so easy to drift off into Carefree Land the minute the Christmas season rolls around, isn’t it? Every ounce of discipline you’ve had throughout the year with things like hitting targets, eating healthily, and working out give way to the festivities that accompany Christmas. It’s okay to participate in the season’s festivities and indulge…

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Beloved Christmas Characters You Can Weave Into Your Décor

Decorate your home for Christmas just the way you want it. If you’ve always loved all things Santa, then liberally decorate your home with the jolly symbols of the holiday – Christmas characters. On your fireplace, instead of hanging up regular stockings decorated with names, hang stockings decorated with St. Nick. Use Santa Claus stocking…

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Tips on How to Wrap the Perfect Christmas Present

Not everyone knows how to wrap the perfect Christmas present. Some of the presents you see on display in stores look like they were wrapped by someone with decades of experience, while other presents look like they were wrapped by an octopus wearing oven mitts. Why do your gift wrapping skills leave you feeling frustrated…

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