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Michael Kors Women's Bradshaw Watch

Top 5 Luxury Watches for Christmas 2020 (Michael Kors Bradshaw Women’s)

Any woman interested in fashion and accessories is very familiar with Michael Kors. They make very stylish accessories, and are well known for their use of high quality materials. The Michael Kors Bradshaw is a great choice for any woman looking to get a new watch, as they’re well built, fashionable, and come in a…

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JBW Women’s Cristal

Top 5 Luxury Watches for Christmas 2020 (JBW Women’s Cristal)

While some may think of luxury watches as a men’s accessory, it’s certainly not uncommon or rare to see women wearing luxury watches as well. They’re essentially just another form of jewelry, and many women like having a watch on them when they’re attending an event or a meeting of some kind. JBW is a…

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Michael Kors Men's Silm Runway Gold

Top 5 Luxury Watches for Christmas 2020 (Michael Kors Slim Runway)

Luxury watches are a great gift for men or women who spend their time attending important meeting and formal events. A watch is an important accessory, and for many people, it’s a quick definition of what kind of person they are. Having a good quality watch can instantly complete an outfit, whether it be a…

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Seiko Men's Excelsior

Top 5 Luxury Watches for Christmas 2020 (Seiko Excelsior)

While Switzerland is well known for their watchmaking skills, they aren’t the only high end watchmaking country. Surprisingly, Japan is also known for excelling in this field, and one of their best luxury watch brands is Seiko. Seiko has quite the pedigree in watchmaking. They introduced the first full production quartz movement watch, which is…

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