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L.O.L. Surprise Glamper Large

Top 5 Toys for Christmas 2020 (L.O.L. Surprise Glamper)

If you have a daughter, chances are high that you’ve heard about L.O.L. Surprise dolls. Kids love that these dolls come in a wide variety of styles. Some dolls have special attributes, like changing color in water. There are dozens of clothing and accessory options to choose from. But this year, there’s one toy that’s…

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Frozen 2 Anna Plush Doll Large

Top 5 Toys for Christmas 2020 (Frozen 2 Anna Plush Doll)

If you’re a parent, there’s no doubt you’ve heard your child talking a lot about the movies Frozen and Frozen 2. These Disney movies have been extremely popular among kids, with one of their favorite characters in the movie being Anna, Elsa’s sister. If your son or daughter is a big fan of the movie,…

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Seckton Toddler Selfie Camera Large

Top 5 Toys for Christmas 2020 (Toddler Selfie Camera)

As parents, we all know how kids want to take control of our smart gadgets and use them to capture selfies and videos. It becomes a problem when they continually ask you for it, or happen to break your phone by accidentally dropping it. Today, kids can capture their favorite childhood memories easier than ever…

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VTech Smart Shots Sports Center Large

Top 5 Toys for Christmas 2020 (VTech Smart Shots Sports Center)

If you have a child who’s interested in sports, then the VTech Smart Shots Sports Center is going to be a great gift for them. It includes two main games that they can play, with a lot of little gadgets and lights around the outside of it that are also interactive. The two main games…

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Kidzone Bumper Car Large

Top 5 Toys for Christmas in 2020 (Kidzone Bumper Car)

Toddlers and kids love driving around, pretending like they’re doing the same thing as their parents. There are child sized electric cars meant to look like real ones, but they can only really be used outside in a limited space. The Kidzone Bumper Car combines the fun of driving with the fun of real bumper…

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