Top 5 Toys for Christmas in 2020 (Kidzone Bumper Car)

Toddlers and kids love driving around, pretending like they’re doing the same thing as their parents. There are child sized electric cars meant to look like real ones, but they can only really be used outside in a limited space.

The Kidzone Bumper Car combines the fun of driving with the fun of real bumper cars into a compact device that kids will love. These bumper cars can be driven inside or outside on concrete, and are safely built to be bumped into each other.

They come with a quality safety belt installed so that your child will be protected when they’re driving around. These little cars can be charged quickly and the charge will last for quite awhile, since they’re installed with 6V batteries.

One interesting feature of the Kidzone Bumper Car is that it has two control knobs that the child can use to drive it themselves, but if you want to take over and make sure they’re being safe, it also has a remote control option that you can use to steer it yourself.

This makes for a safer experience, ensuring that your child doesn’t steer off into something that they shouldn’t. The tires are designed to resist flattening, so it can be stored for long periods of time or can run over small things without having to worry about the tires going bad.

The Kidzone Bumper Car has a flexible PVC circle around the outer edge of the car that acts as the bumper buffer, meaning that it won’t scratch or damage items that it bumps into. The car’s speed is maxed out at 0.75 mph, which feels fast to the kids, but is a safe controlled speed that they won’t endanger them.

It’s also unlikely to knock over furniture or anything like that, because it doesn’t have the speed to do that. It comes installed with a flashing LED light ring around the car, which allows it to be seen in the dark and is just a nice touch that the kids will enjoy.

The car can also be customized by choosing the color and the racing number that your child will want. It’s capable of spinning a full 360 degrees, so they won’t have to reverse out of a tight corner or anything like that, reducing the chances of getting stuck.

Whether it’s the kid using the joysticks or you using the remote control, it can be spun around in a full circle making for a very fun time. Kidzone Bumper Car is a fun toy that will be highly sought after this year!

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