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TACKLIFE 5 inch Orbit Sander

Top 5 Power Tool Gifts for Christmas 2020 (TACKLIFE 5 inch Orbit Sander)

One of the biggest parts of DIY projects is not only making brand new things, but also restoring old things you have, but don’t want to completely replace. Whether it be old furniture or an appliance that’s been passed down from previous generations, you’re going to need to likely strip down the worn paint to…

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Porter-Cable Air Compressor

Top 5 Power Tool Gifts for Christmas 2020 (Porter-Cable Air Compressor)

Anyone who has a shop or works on cars knows that no matter what you’re working on, it can get all dirty and dusty fast. Cutting wood gets sawdust everywhere, and car engine bays are usually pretty dirty on their own. Having an air compressor on hand makes cleaning up your equipment and workspace fast…

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DeWalt 12 inch Miter Saw

Top 5 Power Tool Gifts for Christmas 2020 (DeWalt 12 inch Miter Saw)

Some home improvement projects are really simple. Things like mounting new handles onto cabinets, or moving shelving around, only require a drill and a level. However, there are some big projects out there, such as making a new shed for your backyard, redoing your patio from scratch, and so on. These projects require a lot…

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Dremel 4300 Rotary Tool

Top 5 Power Tool Gifts for Christmas 2020 (Dremel 4300 Rotary Tool)

If you know someone who’s looking to take their DIY skills and home improvement game up to the next level, a Dremel set can be incredibly helpful in allowing them to tackle all sorts of projects that they wouldn’t have been able to before, or even doing things they could already do, but much easier.…

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BLACK and DECKER 20V MAX Cordless Drill

Top 5 Power Tool Gifts for Christmas 2020 (BLACK and DECKER 20V MAX Cordless Drill)

Recently, DIY and home improvement has become more and more popular among people, but many don’t have the tools for it. Some handymen with experience have plenty of tools, but if you know someone who’s just starting to get interested in home improvement or DIY projects, then a good quality drill is a great starting…

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