Tips on How to Wrap the Perfect Christmas Present

Not everyone knows how to wrap the perfect Christmas present. Some of the presents you see on display in stores look like they were wrapped by someone with decades of experience, while other presents look like they were wrapped by an octopus wearing oven mitts.

Why do your gift wrapping skills leave you feeling frustrated to the point you’re ready to just shove every gift in a bag and pronounce it finished? Is there an easy way to wrap the perfect Christmas present? Yes!

The first step is to get everything you’ll need for wrapping together in one localized area. If you have a small card table, those are the perfect height to use when you’re wrapping. Never wrap a gift on your bed or on the sofa. Not only can you nick the bed linens or sofa with the scissors, but because of the give in the mattress or sofa cushion, you’ll end up with wrinkles or lumps in the wrapping paper.

Don’t assume that just because you have an oddly shaped gift that it can’t be wrapped well or that you won’t be able to find a box to put it in. Even if you’re baking homemade goodies to share, there are special boxes and tins just for putting food times in.

Next, make sure you get boxes for the gifts that will fit inside boxes. If you have an oddly shaped large gift, know that you can find oversized boxes at moving companies. Boxes give you a flat, even surface to wrap. It also takes away the “feel it and guess what it is” temptation for those who can’t wait for Christmas Day to find out what their gifts are.

Don’t play guessing games with the amount of wrapping paper you lay out for the gift. Measure the width and height of the gift with a ruler or measuring tape, then cut off that much wrapping paper leaving a little excess to make the corners nice and smooth.

Situate the gift in the center of the wrapping paper. Pull up one side of the paper and using a small piece of tape, secure it to the gift. Pull up the other side, fold over a quarter inch of the paper so that it tucks under and tape it to the first side. If you don’t like tape showing, you can use a heavy duty glue stick to secure the paper, just don’t get the glue on the gift itself.

To cover the line where you folded the paper, add a strip of Christmas ribbon or use fabric ribbon. You can add a store bought bough or one you created yourself. Remember that practice makes perfect and you can wrap like a pro! Ads

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