Top 5 Toys for Christmas 2020 (VTech Smart Shots Sports Center)

If you have a child who’s interested in sports, then the VTech Smart Shots Sports Center is going to be a great gift for them. It includes two main games that they can play, with a lot of little gadgets and lights around the outside of it that are also interactive.

The two main games that it comes with are soccer and basketball, and it comes with a ball for each one. Whether they want to shoot at the hoop or kick it into the goal, there’s a scoreboard that will count up each time they score.

The scoreboard also plays little animations, and has speakers that will output encouraging sentences and phrases when they score. Around the outer rim of the soccer goal, there’s a bunch of buttons, levers, and some gears that can all be used to play sounds and learn things like shapes and numbers.

With all of the lights and sounds and buttons, your toddler can be entertained for hours on end. There are plenty of side games all over it that they can play in addition to the two main games.

Parents will be delighted to know that VTech Smart Shots Sports Center is a compact toy, so it won’t take up a ton of space. It runs off of 3 AA batteries, which last awhile in it, so you won’t have to replace them frequently or worry about wires.

It also comes with a volume setting with three modes: off, low, and full volume. Parents will definitely appreciate the volume setting because sometimes the noise created with certain kids’ toys can be aggravating after some time.

One of the things that this is going to help your child develop is motor skills. Shooting the basketball and kicking the soccer ball help your child work on both their fine motor skills and regular motor skills, which helps them mentally and physically later in life.

It comes in either red or yellow as the main color, though the features on it remain the same, so it’s just cosmetic. Fortunately, it also gives you the option of selecting the packaging, including standard and frustration free packaging.

Standard packaging comes in the original box, while frustration free packaging makes it a lot easier to get out of the box. This is great for those Christmas mornings when your kid is eager to play with their gifts, so you can avoid the tedious process of cutting the thing out of the cardboard.

The VTech Smart Shots Sports Center will be the perfect gift that combines athletics and electronics, and it’s sure to be a big hit with kids this year!

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