Christmas Cottage Decor You Can Grow Over Time

Every time the holidays roll around, stores start putting out decorations that put consumers in the mood to shop. Christmas cottage scenes are one of the most popular collectibles for consumers – and it’s something you can grow over time and pass down to your heirs.

The Christmas cottage scenes are very warm and welcoming and can be placed all around your home or gathered in one place for visitors and guests to admire. It creates a miniature scene from a Dickens tale and you feel transported to a winter wonderland in an instant.

Some of the Christmas cottages that you can buy are animated, and you’ll see children ice skating around a glowing blue pond while holiday music plays gently in the background. Others might show a sleigh circling around a snowy mountain with jingle bells sounding off from the horses.

These holiday villages often have many different elements to them. There are homes with smoke billowing from the chimney and a scene you can see through the window of a family gathering to carry on traditions.

You might start off with a single village scene and add a new one to it each and every year. You can buy Ebenezer Scrooge’s House or a collection of Christmas cottages that play up Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas tale.

Some of the Christmas villages are antique in nature, taking you back to the old days – while others have a more modern flair to them. Most are porcelain materials, so you have to be very careful not to let children play roughly with them – but there are sets that are made of less breakable materials, too.

One of the most popular Christmas village scenes is that from the movie called A Christmas Story. You can buy the Bumpus house, Ralphie out in the snow, and even the department store where he professes his desire to own a Red Rider BB Gun to the store Santa.

These Christmas cottage scenes are priceless because they bring you to a different world. They often end up being worth quite a bit over time, too. Display them in your own unique fashion.

Some people place fake snow beneath and around the scene to offset it from other decorations in the house. One woman used her fireplace with a glass fireplace screen to set up a soft light shining down on her prized village scene. The possibilities are limitless! Ads

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