Christmas Gifts For Kids

Giving your kids a family present where everyone can join in and have fun is a holiday idea that will give plenty of laughs. There’s one avenue that you just can’t go wrong taking when buying a gift for all the kids and that’s a video game console.

But you don’t want to get the ones where there’s only a couple of controls so that only two can play at a time. You want something where everyone can join in at once. There’s the Kinect – a console that comes with sensor technology and can sense the movements of the players.

So you can join the whole family in on kicking the ball or jamming out while playing gaming musical instruments. You can explore together as a family and climb to the mountain or go below the water to check out the sights.

Video games using group movement like dance jams are great gifts for kids and you can find video games for every type of gaming console, like Wii. If you already have some dance video games, you can go with the dance pad option.

Another gift that would suit all of the kids is a trampoline. You can get the large ones that go outside and have the safety surround or you can get one of the mini two-person ones that are lower to the ground if you have younger children. There’s also one that’s for use as either an indoor or an outdoor trampoline and everything is safely enclosed, including the springs.

Other inside fun things you can get for your kids are games that require some physical action. Air hockey tables are still a big hit among kids as are pool tables and ping-pong tables. For games that they can play outside, you can pick up a badminton or volleyball set that has everything you need to get started on a game.

A quiet activity that many kids like to do is to work a puzzle together. You can get these in various age levels and even cool 3D ones that when they’re finished, can be glued and framed to make cool artwork for a kid’s room.

Getting board games for kids to share is a good idea, too and you can find ones that can be played interactively using the television as well. Go with classic or trendy games, like The Settlers of Catan.

Playing a sport together is a great idea when you want to get a family gift for your kids. You can invest in a basketball set for the driveway or baseball or golf equipment where the batter or swinger hits into a net for practice.

Gift cards where all of the kids can share an adventure at a theme park or take in a movie are good ideas, too. You can get gift cards to local theme parks or splurge on a family vacation to somewhere like Disney World. Ads

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