Creating the Perfect Christmas Scene for Your Mantel

A fireplace mantel is the perfect place to display a Christmas scene. There are many different styles you can choose from – you can go with traditional or try something a little different this year.

What kind of décor are you decorating in for Christmas? Down home country? Elegant? Eco? The style you choose for your main décor should also be reflected in your mantel scene.

For many people, the mantel scene is usually a nativity scene complete with a manger, animals and several figurines. Nativity sets are beautiful and there are many you can choose from.

If you get a nativity set that’s made of aged wood, this would work well with a country décor. Also in keeping with a country décor, you can use a narrow sleigh filled with boughs of green, pinecones and presents wrapped in red gingham.

Another way to decorate the mantel is in what’s called primitive style by using boughs of real garland, fruit and primitive figurines. You can find primitive Santa figurines by scouring the online Christmas stores.

Or if you would rather have snowmen, you can decorate the mantel with primitive snowmen made from muslin or wood. Some people confuse the primitive style with the country style of decorating but they are not the same. Primitive has more of an early 1900s feel to it. You would easily be able to find some of the decorations in homes from your great grandmother’s generation.

You can set your mantel scene up to reflect scenes from other cultures. For example, if you had Chinese ornaments on your Christmas tree, your mantel would look fantastic with paper lanterns and small bowls housing Christmas balls.

In the center, you could take a photo holder – one of the ones in the shape of a miniature tree-and you could hang ornaments with Chinese writing on the branches. You can find Chinese ornaments wishing the buyer joy or luck or wealth.

A snow village is another holiday scene you could grace your mantel with. If you’re worried about getting the confetti snow on your floor, you can use cotton balls to create a snow effect.

But don’t just stick the cotton balls up as is. Instead, gently pull apart the cotton balls and thin them out. Decorate the mantle with Christmas village homes and businesses and set them up so that they’re lighted. You’ll have a great focal point and the soft light will add a nice touch.

For a more elegant mantel Christmas scene, hang a square mirror above your fireplace mantel. Place tapered silver or gold candles inside of hurricane lanterns. In the middle of the mantel, place a short vase full of white roses. Use silver beading pearls entwined with real garland to hang from the front of the mantel. Ads

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