The Polar Express

This is one Christmas movie you’ll definitely want to add to your collection. It’s an endearing movie that your entire family will love. The movie is set in the ‘40s and the star of the movie is a little boy who no longer believes in magic.

The movie has a brief start with the boy at home with his parents and sister before a sleek train appears abruptly in front of the little boy’s house. Dressed in his pajamas and robe, he makes his way outside and finds the train.

He walks through the snow and as he walks, you can hear the cold, crisp crunch of the snow. He walks along the train checking out the cars in wide-eyed wonder and stunned disbelief.

Behind him, in the distance, he hears a voice calling out to board the train. He retraces his footsteps and finds the conductor (played with the voice talent of Tom Hanks) waiting by the entrance.

The conductor reads from a clipboard and begins detailing evidence that the boy no longer believes in Santa Claus. After he reads from the clipboard, he leans closer and tells the boy he should get on the train.

When the boy learns the train is headed for the North Pole, he climbs onboard. He wants to see if Santa is real. Once he’s on the train, he meets other children who also want to go see Santa.

There’s the Know-It-All Kid, the little boy whose loneliness is plain to see and the little girl with the beautiful voice who later sings ‘When Christmas Comes to Town.’ The visuals of this movie are stunning to behold.

The train travels through miles of snow-covered frozen landscapes and these landscapes are so detailed and beautiful. The gray overtones of the movie as the train chugs full speed ahead through the evening easily gives viewers a sense of the chill weather.

There’s a lot of attention to detail and some really fun moments – like the scene where the waiters burst into the car with the children and begin a dance routine as they prepare to serve hot chocolate.

The cups, the serving plates and the dance routine are all masterfully created. The details are so rich – from the hot chocolate machine that comes out during the waiters’ dance right down to the hot chocolate mustache on the kids’ upper lips.

There was a great scene with the hobo on top of the train when the little boy says, “I’m looking for a girl” and the hobo responds with, “Ain’t we all?” before regaling the boy with his wisdom.

The filmmaker paid close attention to every part of the movie – from the realistic wolves running as the train goes by – to the detail on the ticket. The movie has a sweet ending that will remind adults of what it’s like to have that magic belief in Christmas. Ads

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