Top 5 Beauty and Spa Gifts for Christmas 2020 (Lighted Makeup Mirror)

FENCHILIN Large Vanity Mirror with Lights

Getting your makeup done well takes more than just making sure you have the right makeup for your skin. You also need to have the right kind of lighting. If the light is too dark, you can’t see if the makeup being applied is too dark and if the lighting is too harsh, it can make the skin appear washed out, which also affects how makeup is applied.

The right kind of lighting can change that. That’s why a great gift this holiday season is the Fenchilin Lighted Makeup Mirror. You’ll be able to give someone on your list the kind of makeup mirror that’s perfect for professional or personal use.

Anyone using it will feel like a celebrity. The frame is made of tinplate, which not only makes it durable, but also gives this beautifully designed mirror that high-end appearance.

The way the lights are positioned across the frame allows you to complete your makeup regimen in the morning, in the evenings or any time at all. The mirror is able to easily adjust to whatever time of day it is when someone uses it for a makeup routine.

That’s because the brightness of the 3W LED lights can be altered. It also allows users to choose between 3 different color choices. They can choose to use the option for a pale warm yellow or the cool white.

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But there’s also one light setting that’s useful for day light. Each of these different lights casts just the right glow across the skin which allows the user to be able to apply mistake-free makeup.

The lights on the mirror are placed up both sides as well as across the top so there’s no worry about a shadow effect when applying makeup. Users can apply makeup for work or for enjoying a night out.

A great feature with the Fenchilin Lighted Makeup Mirror is the Smart Touch Control. To use the mirror, you simply touch one of the sensor buttons to power on or to turn off the lights. When you want to switch the color of the lights, you press a button on the control and another for changing up how bright you want those lights to be.

Along with the Smart Touch Control, the mirror also has a memory feature. Once you get the lighting set the way that you want it, the mirror will hold onto that setting. So when it’s time to use the mirror again, you have the previous use settings still saved.

The side of the mirror has a USB charging port that can easily charge a phone or other devices. The mirror also comes with a magnifying mirror with 10X strength that does come off so it can be handheld.

Though the mirror sits on a base, this base is removable. When the base is taken off, the mirror can be mounted securely onto a wall and the pieces needed to attach it are included with the purchase.

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