Top 5 Home Theater Gifts for Christmas in 2020 (JBL Bar 5.1 4K Ultra HD 5.1-Channel Soundbar)

If you’re going through the process of setting up a whole home theatre, with a room dedicated specifically to that, there’s one crucial thing you’re going to want that helps recreate the real theatre experience: the sound.

Movie theatres have very nice surround sound systems that make for an incredible experience, and if you really want to feel like you’re in one, you’re going to need a great sound system as well.

The JBL 5.1 Ultra HD Soundbars are a fantastic way to set up full surround sound audio in your home theatre, and they’re very customizable, so you can really make it work well with any arrangement.

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Other sound systems might be more constraining, leaving you with excess wires or speakers that don’t come out far enough. There are three main components in the JBL Bar 5.1 Ultra HD Soundbars soundbar setup.

First, there’s the main soundbar. It’s essentially like a very long speaker that can take inputs from various sources, and output crisp, clear 5.1 audio. The soundbar acts much like any standard speaker, except it takes up much less space and looks much cleaner while delivering the same quality.

Next, there’s the subwoofer. This is the part that many speaker setups just can’t recreate. When you’re in a movie, you can really feel the bass when something loud happens or there’s a deep sound.

That’s the theatre’s many subwoofers at work, though for a home theatre, you just need one. This component can be set down right below the screen, and you’ll be able to physically feel the bass when you’re watching movies or shows.

Finally, there are the detachable surround sound speakers. They’re initially attached to the main soundbar, but they can be taken off and set on each side of the room, giving you a true surround sound experience.

Surround sound is so much more immersive, because if a character in a show starts talking from behind, you’ll actually hear it from behind, as opposed to all of the audio coming out in front.

The detachable speakers are wireless, so they do have to be recharged every now and then by being reconnected to the main soundbar for a bit. However, the batteries on those speakers are long lasting, giving you around 10 hours of use before they need to be recharged.

These speakers being wireless is great because you don’t have to mess with running a bunch of wires around the edges of your home theatre, and you can easily move and adjust them as needed.

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