Top 5 Kitchen Appliance Gifts for Christmas 2020 (Smart Carb Cooker)

Smart Carb Cooker (Aroma Housewares ARC-1120SBL Smart Carb)

The holiday season is the best time to give kitchen gadgets to those special people you like to shop for. One gadget called the Smart Carb Cooker can help not only lower carb intake and help people eat better, but it saves time in the kitchen, too.

The innovative Smart Carb Cooker is able to filter out carbs, thanks to its unique design. When you cook rice using traditional methods, the rice remains in the water. You have to watch it so that it doesn’t get too soggy or it’s inedible.

That issue is a thing of the past because with Smart Carb Cooker, the rice is only in the water at the start. Once the water begins to boil, the carbs on the rice will filter into water. In other cooking methods, if the rice remains in the water, it pulls those carbs right back in through reabsorption because rice acts like a desiccant.

But the cooker’s function removes this carb loaded water by pulling it away from the rice and into the pot below. After that process is done, the rice continues to cook through the steaming process, but is free from those carbs.

At the same time, you can take the inner pot and use the plastic steam tray to cook side items like vegetables as well as the main meal. The gadget is capable of cooking and steaming at the same time, so you can end up making an entire meal in less time than it normally takes in the kitchen.

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The Smart Carb Cooker is also easy to use. You simply put in the amount of rice that you want to use, add the water recommended for the rice servings and shut the lid. On the front control panel, you will get the option to choose either brown or white rice.

You can choose to slow cook on either low or high. You also have the option to use the sauté and simmer feature. If you’re not quite ready to begin the cooking process yet, you can delay the cooking time up to 15 hours.

The gadget can be used to make other dishes, such as oatmeal. It has a “keep warm” function so that the food you want is ready when you are. The device is capable of handling 20 cups of rice if you use the inner pot and 12 cups if you use the stainless steel carb reducing pot.

The inner pot is nonstick. The gadget has a solid locking lid as well as a condensation collector. The body is made of stainless steel. The accessories that come with the cooker include a rice spatula and soup ladle along with a measuring cup for the rice and the large steam tray.

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