Top 5 Smart Home Gadgets for Christmas 2020 (Smart Thermostat)

Smart Thermostat

Turning the thermostat up and down is a waste of energy and can drive up your electric bill. The constant switching from high to low can keep your home’s temperature in a state of change or make your home too hot or too cold.

That’s why you need to invest in a Smart Thermostat as a gift for yourself or someone else this season. This energy star certified thermostat has the ability to know what your preferences are, what your schedule is and can set itself to not only save you money, but help you be as comfortable as you’d like.

The design of the Smart Thermostat device has a widescreen touch surface and easily fits in with any décor. It’s easy to use. All you have to do is touch the outer edge of the thermostat. When you do that, the main menu will appear and all you have to do is navigate to the option that you want.

Once you find the choice, all you have to do is tap the screen. Here, you can also see what your home’s energy history has been for the prior 10 days. The device relies on temperature sensors to determine how best to keep your home how you like it.

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The Smart Thermostat device can determine what the humidity is in your home and it uses motion sensors to be able to tell when someone is home and when they’re not. These sensors are what the device uses to save on your electric bill by not heating or cooling the house when it’s empty.

When you enter the room, the thermostat will light up for easy viewing of the temperature or time as long as you get within the device’s range. The thermostat can handle a variety of heating or cooling features and works with different systems.

It has a furnace feature on it so that it monitors your furnace’s operation. This is a safety feature because, if the device detects that something is wrong – such as a carbon monoxide leak, it’ll alert you to this problem.

Another feature the Smart Thermostat device has is the Sunblock feature. When direct sunlight warms a room, that can throw off the correct temperature for your home. This device uses the sensors to be able to detect when the sun may interfere with the correct temperature settings.

This will keep your thermostat from reacting to the sunlight. The device will alert users when there’s an error, but it will also notify them when there’s important information to share.

You might receive notifications about your air filter, reminding you to change it or you might be alerted to seasonal changes concerning the temperature. You may receive more serious notifications, too – such as if there’s a problem with the wiring.

If there’s an issue, your device will give you a corresponding code to find out more information. The system works with Alexa or Google Assistant and can be operated even when you’re not home by using a phone or other device.

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