Top 5 Sports and Outdoor Gifts for Christmas 2020 (Coleman Sundome Tent)

Coleman Sundome Tent

While people are becoming more reliant on electronics and spending time in bigger, more crowded cities today, there’s something increasingly appealing about going out and spending some quality time in the outdoors.

However, you definitely need some protection from the elements. The Coleman Sundome Tent is a fantastic, simple, and easy to use tent that provides highly reliable protection from all types of outdoor hazards.

The Coleman Sundome Tent comes in 4 sizes, depending on the amount of space you want. There are 2 person, 3 person, 4 person, and 6 person options. All this does is vary the size of the tent, so whether you’re camping out solo or out with the whole family, you can have enough space to camp comfortably.

Coleman is an incredibly reliable outdoors brand, and their tents are certainly no exception. The frame of this tent provides outstanding wind resistance, being able to withstand winds of 35 mph or more.

Cheaper tents would have their frames disassemble or fly off in high wind speeds, leaving you without the shelter you need when you’re camping. When it comes to rain, Coleman Sundome Tent handles things amazingly.

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All of the fabric has been made specifically to prevent rain from getting in, mostly due to the inverted seams that help seal it all properly. The included tarp helps keep rain away from the windows, and even in a few inches of rain, the inside of the tent can remain completely dry.

This means you won’t wake up wet from the rain at night, and all of your electronics will be safe. This tent is also pretty easy to assemble, even if you’re new to putting them together.

The instructions are clear, and the frame locks together easily. Everything clicks into place just as it should, so you don’t have to spend hours fiddling around with it while getting annoyed.

There are some great quality of life features found on this Coleman Sundome Tent. For example, if you’re camping near an actual visitor’s station or somewhere that has a power outlet, it has a dedicated slot for you to run an extension cable through, allowing you to charge up your phone or smart watch while you sleep.

One part that’s important for warmer climates is that this tent is well ventilated. Some tents get really stuffy because of the heat outside and your body heat inside, but the ventilation in this tent allows you to cool off nicely while you sleep.

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