Top 5 Wearable Technology Gifts for Christmas 2020 (Garmin Forerunner 35)

Some people today can get confused by all the complex features in some smart watches. There are ones that try to do so much in such a compact device that it starts to become a bit scrambled.

The Garmin Forerunner 35 takes things back to basics and delivers you all of the information you want to know in a simple, easy to understand package. First off, you have the actual watch portion itself.

It gives a very clean and minimalistic digital clock, along with the date and battery charge level. At a typical glance, this is all you’re going to need to know throughout the day while you’re using it as a watch.

You can switch screens to go look at your fitness info, but while you’re just working or walking around, that’s your basic information. There are a few different fitness screens, with each one showing you some basic health statistics.

For example, the heart rate screen will show you your current heart rate and resting heart rate. Since the heart rate sensor measures constantly, it can give you a pretty accurate average, so you can tell if you’re getting enough rest.

There’s also a screen for distance travelled, which includes a step counter and a distance reading. Based on your information and your distance travelled, it can also give you a calorie counter as well as information on when you were burning the most calories.

Just because Garmin Forerunner 35 watch is basic doesn’t mean it doesn’t have fancy features. The GPS system in this watch is among the best, keeping detailed information on your runs that you can use to track your progress.

It can show you what route you took, how fast you were running, and more. Whether you’re a cross country runner or you’re a hiker, this is some valuable information. For less experienced runners, the run/walk mode will come in handy to help them pace out their runs.

You can’t just full sprint through an entire long run, you need to pace it out. This mode tells you when you should run and when you should walk to let your heart rate come down. This can be super helpful for those who never ran competitively, and aren’t sure what pace they should be going at.

It can sync up with most smartphones in order to forward you your alerts, so you don’t have to interrupt your run by pulling out your clunky smartphone just to read a quick little text message.

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