Top 5 Wearable Technology Gifts for Christmas 2020 (GoPro HERO8 Black)

If you like going out on adventures, from hiking to skydiving, you might be interested in getting a GoPro to record your journeys. GoPro’s can be attached to all kinds of different mounts and are highly resistant to the elements, which is very useful if you’re out in the rain or even underwater.

The GoPro HERO8 has extraordinary video capability, as it can record in 4K resolution at 60 frames per second. This is amazing quality for a standard camera, let alone for one of this size.

In photo mode, it can take photos at 12MP, which is very detailed. It can also livestream footage at 1080p, which is very impressive. One of the advantages of the camera on the GoPro HERO8 is that it has video stabilization.

The older GoPros that didn’t have this feature would often have very shaky and hard to watch footage, but with the built in stabilization, this GoPro footage is smooth no matter what you’re doing.

This makes for even better footage than ever before, and it’s like you’re really experiencing the adventure you had again. The GoPro cameras have always been well known for their durability, and the HERO8 is no exception.

The GoPro HERO8 camera can be used underwater, in high wind, in rain, and can survive drops that would ruin other cameras. The updated design of the HERO8 has made it even more impact resistant than even before.

It also has a time lapse feature, which is when you have that footage over a long period of time that’s sped up. This time lapse feature, which they’ve called TimeWarp 2.0, allows you to record long segments of video, while adjusting for things like lighting or motion, and letting you slow down certain parts while speeding up the rest.

This is great for showcasing a long travel while still retaining certain special moments. One nice feature of the GoPro HERO8 camera is that it has multiple digital lenses, where the older cameras used to have a fixed lens.

Now you can choose from wide angle lenses, to narrow close-ups, or distortion free settings that give you the best looking image. Whether you’re a filmmaker, adventurer, vlogger, or anyone else who might be using a camera regularly, you’ll be impressed by all the different mods that you can swap and use with this camera. Things like upgraded microphones, additional displays, and more can all be added on to the camera quite easily, and are mostly compatible with each other.

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