Christmas Holiday Décor Griswold Style

If you’re one of the millions of people in the world who absolutely love every single second of the Christmas season, you are not alone. In a recent newspaper survey, this holiday is listed as the favorite holiday for most people. It’s easy to understand why. Each year, there’s a childlike magic that hangs in the air thanks to Christmas holiday décor that sets the mood for people of every age.

Decorating Griswold style can be an illuminating experience. The Griswolds are the family in the movie Vacation Christmas starring Chevy Chase – a favorite for those who love goofball comedies that make you smile. They decorate their home in an over-the-top fashion and go to great lengths to outdo all of the neighbors.

The holidays are a time to be enjoyed, a time to pull out all the stops and go to whatever lengths we want to go to when we decorate inside and outside of our homes. You can have a Griswold Christmas with just a little bit of planning.

Decorating is a fun activity that the entire family can get involved with and the more décor the better. This holiday only comes around once a year, so you might as well enjoy it while it’s here.

What does it mean to decorate Griswold style? It means that whatever decorations you put up indoors or out, you can always picture exactly where something else can be added and you add that item.

Decorating like this is having a home that’s full to the brim with lights and other decorations that bring you lots of Christmas cheer. And who says lights are just for the tree or outside the house?

Let your inner kid have a ball decorating this year and don’t worry about any conventional methods of decorating. Don’t worry about what the neighbors think. It’s your holiday and you deserve to decorate as you see fit. Kids love the houses they see decorated Griswold style and if you’re honest with yourself, you’ll admit that it appeals to the kid in you, too.

People who decorate their homes with an abundance of decorations are not trying to one up the neighbors and they’re not trying to set any records for the amount of stuff they can set out for one holiday. They’re simply decorating the way the live their lives – exuberantly and to the fullest extent.

To decorate Griswold style, leave no corner inside your home undecorated. Even the hallway should abound with Christmas décor. Don’t leave up the same old curtains you use every day.

Take those down and hang holiday curtains with prancing reindeer, cheery snowmen or jolly old St. Nick. Make sure your table is always set with holiday dishes just waiting for a scrumptious meal.

Outside your house, cover everything in lights and make sure there’s a holiday display set up on every possible inch of lawn. Make sure you have room to get between the displays to take care of any bulbs that blow. Once you get everything mapped out the way you like it, light it up! Christmas holiday décor can be tame and elegant, sure – but if you want to have tons of fun and see people smile as they drive by, go overboard for once. Ads

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